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The Australian Knee Society Limited is a Not for Profit Company Limited by Guarantee (ACN 615174135).

At each Annual Meeting, the Association will conduct an election of Office Bearers. The election of the President and the Secretary will usually take place in alternate years. Once elected, the Office Bearer will take up office on the 1st January of the following year and will not hold office for more than two years.

  • Office Bearers

    Current President

    Hayden Morris

    Melbourne Knee Centre
    7 Studley Ave
    Kew VIC 3101

    Current Secretary

    Justin Roe

    North Sydney Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Centre
    2/3 Gillies St
    Wollstonecraft NSW 2065

    Past President

    Chris Vertullo

    8-10 Carrara Street
    Benowa QLD 4217

    Past Secretary

    Peter McEwen

    North Queensland Knee
    21-29 Fulham Rd
    Pimlico QLD 4812

    1. Office Bearers
  • Honorary Members

    Name Joined
    Dr Kevin ANGEL 1989
    Dr John BARTLETT 1985
    Dr Brian CASEY 1978
    Dr Merv CROSS 1978
    Dr Owen DEACON 1978
    Dr Peter DOBSON 1986
    Dr Berni EINODER 1986
    Dr John HART 1978
    Dr Ian HENDERSON 1986
    Dr Jonathan HOOPER 1979
    Dr Don JOHNSTON 1978
    Dr Tim KEENAN 1978
    Dr Greg KEENE 1982
    Dr Lindsay LAIRD 1986
    Dr Glen MAGUIRE 1978
    Dr Michael MANSFIELD 1985
    Dr David MARSHALL 1978
    Dr Peter MCMENIMAN 1986
    Dr Stephen RACKEMANN 1994
    Dr Michael SHANNON 1983
    Dr Neal THOMSON 1983
    Dr Richard TOOTH 1995
    Dr John MAGUIRE 2004
    Dr Keith HOLT 1992
    2. Honorary Members
  • Founding Members

    In 1978, the following Orthopaedic Surgeons first met as a group, naming themselves the Australian Knee Club. Since then, the group has expanded well past the ambitions and expectations of those founding members, and accordingly, the group has since been renamed the Australian Knee Society.

    It is now an integral part of the Australian Orthopaedic Association, being a specialty group within the overarching umbrella of that Association. The success of the current Society is a testament to the foresight of those founding members, and the work that they put in to develop and expand the society to its present state.

    Brian Casey
    Mervyn Cross
    Owen Deacon
    John Grant
    Don Johnston
    Tim Keenan
    Glen Maguire
    David Marshall
    Dick Tooth
    Fergus Wilson


    3. Founding Members

For general enquiries, please email

For general enquiries, please email

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