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To attend the annual closed meeting of the Australian Knee Society, you must be invited by a Full or Honorary Member.

That member should forward your invitation to the current secretary, who shall note the invitation and respond accordingly. Notification will then be sent to you, the invitee, and to the member extending the invitation. Subsequently, you will receive notification of the next meeting, and instructions on how to register.

Applications for registration at an AKS closed meeting will not be accepted without a formal invitation from a member.

  • Upcoming AKS Meeting

    Preparations for this meeting are in progress.

    If you would like to submit an Expression of Interest PLEASE CLICK HERE.

    When: 16–19 November 2023
    Where: RACV Cape Schanck Resort VIC

    1. Upcoming Meeting
  • Presenting At A Meeting

    Members will be invited to submit abstracts prior to every meeting, and due notification of that invitation will be circulated ahead of time.

    Non-members may present at a meeting only by invitation. They firstly need to be invited to the meeting by a Full or Honorary Member, and then, on receipt of meeting details, must forward the appropriate abstract by the deadline for such submission. It is a policy of the society that all presentations should be given by qualified Orthopaedic Surgeons or Associated Practitioners (physiotherapists etc.). Those undergoing a Fellowship Program may present, whereas Registrars and Trainees may not. Where a paper is submitted by a registrar or trainee, it must be presented by the senior author, who shall be a qualified Orthopaedic Surgeon or Associated Practitioner. This meeting is regarded as a high level meeting, and it is considered that there are more appropriate forums for the presentation of research by a registrar or trainee.

    2. Presenting At A Meeting
  • Past Meetings

    Year Venue Details
    2022 Queenstown, NZ President: Hayden Morris<br />Secretary: Justin Roe
    2021 Virtual Event President: Chris Vertullo<br />Secretary: Peter McEwen
    2020 Virtual Event President: Chris Vertullo<br />Secretary: Myles Coolican
    2019 Canberra, ACT President: Bruce Caldwell<br />Secretary: Myles Coolican
    2018 Broome,WA President: Bruce Caldwell<br />Secretary: Hayden Morris
    2017 Noosa, QLD President: Keith Holt<br />Secretary: Hayden Morris
    2016 Port Douglas, QLD President: Keith Holt<br />Secretary: Chris Vertullo
    2015 Byron Bay, NSW President: David Wood<br />Secretary: Chris Vertullo
    2014 Melbourne, VIC President: David Wood<br />Secretary: Keith Holt
    2013 Hamilton Island, QLD President: Greg Witherow<br />Secretary: Keith Holt
    2012 Hunter Valley, NSW President: Greg Witherow<br />Secretary: David Wood
    2011 Queenstown, NZ President: Roger Paterson<br />Secretary: David Wood
    2010 Adelaide, SA President: Roger Paterson<br />Secretary: Bruce Caldwell
    2009 Cairns, QLD President: Julian Feller<br />Secretary: Bruce Caldwell
    2008 Broome, WA President: Julian Feller<br />Secretary: Roger Paterson
    2007 Kingscliff, NSW President: Kevin Angel<br />Secretary: Roger Paterson
    2006 Christchurch, NZ President: Kevin Angel<br />Secretary: David Young
    2005 Bunker Bay, WA President: Mick Shannon<br />Secretary: David Young
    2004 Manly, NSW President: Mick Shannon<br />Secretary: Stephen Rackemann
    2003 Barossa, SA President: Peter Myers<br />Secretary: Stephen Rackemann
    2002 Shearwater, VIC President: Peter Myers<br />Secretary: Julian Feller
    2001 Queenstown, NZ President: Peter Dobson<br />Secretary: Julian Feller
    2000 Hobart, TAS President: Peter Dobson<br />Secretary: Kevin Angel
    1999 Darwin, NT President: Peter McMenamin<br />Secretary: Kevin Angel
    1998 Ayers Rock, NT President: Ian Henderson<br />Secretary: Peter Myers
    1997 Canberra, ACT President: Ian Henderson<br />Secretary: Peter Myers
    1996 Fremantle, WA President: Iain McLean<br />Secretary: Peter Dobson
    1995 Port Douglas, QLD President: John Bartlett<br />Secretary: Peter Dobson
    1994 Hamilton Island, QLD President: Greg Keene<br />Secretary: Lindsay Laird
    1993 Adelaide, SA President: Greg Keene<br />Secretary: Lindsay Laird
    1992 Launceston TAS President: Bernie Einoder<br />Secretary: Iain McLean
    1991 Mount Cook, NZ President: John Hart<br />Secretary: Iain McLean
    1990 Sanctuary Cove, QLD President: Neale Thomson<br />Secretary: Brett Courtenay
    1989 Bowral, NSW President: David Marshall<br />Secretary: Brett Courtenay
    1988 Cottesloe, WA President: Tim Keenan<br />Secretary: John Bartlett
    1987 Frankston, VIC President: Owen Deacon<br />Secretary: John Bartlett
    1986 Newport, NSW President: Brian Casey<br />Secretary: David Marshall
    1985 Clarendon, SA President: M Glen Maguire<br />Secretary: David Marshall
    1984 Hobart, TAS President: Merv Cross<br />Secretary: Owen Deacon
    1983 Surfers Paradise, QLD President: Fergus Wilson<br />Secretary: Owen Deacon
    1982 Frankston, VIC President: John Grant<br />Secretary: Owen Deacon
    1981 Canberra, ACT President: R (Dick)Tooth<br />Secretary: Merv Cross
    1980 Mosman, NSW President: R (Dick) Tooth<br />Secretary: Merv Cross
    1979 Mandurah, WA President: Glen Maguire<br />Secretary: J L (Don) Johnston
    1978 Nuriootpa, SA Convenor: Glen Maguire<br />
    3. Past Meetings

For general enquiries, please email

For general enquiries, please email

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