Criteria for Membership

There are 3 classes of membership: Active, Associate and Honorary. Detailed information on the three types can be found on the Classes of Membership page.

As an absolute minimum, membership is limited to persons who:

  1. Hold a recognised higher surgical degree or qualification, and

  2. Fellowship or Associate Fellowship of the Australian Orthopaedic Association.

  3. Who have recognised training in the principles and practice of knee surgery or by virtue of extensive experience, have acquired a comparable standard of training.

Requirements for active membership currently include:

  • Documentation to the effect that 50% (or a substantial number) of surgical procedures performed by the candidate in the previous two years involved knee procedures.

  • References confirming that the candidate has published an article, on some aspect of the knee, in a national or international journal. If this has not yet been achieved, an application would be for associate membership, pending achievement of this requirement.

  • Confirmation that the candidate has presented a paper, on a knee problem, at a national or international meeting. If this has not been achieved, provided that the candidate will have presented at an AKS meeting, even the one at which the application is to be considered, then the candidate would still be eligible for associate membership.
When applying for membership in addition to the above, it is also necessary that the applicant has attended a previous meeting of the AKS as a guest, and has presented a paper at a meeting of the Australian Knee Society. The paper can be presented either at the current year’s meeting or in the previous 2 years. The candidate must also be in attendance at the meeting at which his application is to be considered.

The meetings of the society are held usually in mid-year, or in conjunction with an AGM of the AOA, and are well attended by members and their guests. There is usually an input into the Instructional Lectures as part of the A.O.A. A.S.M. as well. The meeting lends itself to full and active discussion, with visitors encouraged to participate.

An application form, and a copy of the current constitution, can be downloaded using the links below. Please submit a copy of your CV, and a photo, together with your completed application form, at least 4 months prior to the next AKS meeting.