Presenting at a Meeting

Members will be invited to submit abstracts prior to every meeting, and due notification of that invitation will be circulated ahead of time.

Non-members may present at a meeting only by invitation. They firstly need to be invited to the meeting by a Full or Honorary Member, and then, on receipt of meeting details, must forward the appropriate abstract by the deadline for such submission. It is a policy of the society that all presentations should be given by qualified Orthopaedic Surgeons or Associated Practitioners (physiotherapists etc.). Those undergoing a Fellowship Program may present, whereas Registrars and Trainees may not. Where a paper is submitted by a registrar or trainee, it must be presented by the senior author, who shall be a qualified Orthopaedic Surgeon or Associated Practitioner. This meeting is regarded as a high level meeting, and it is considered that there are more appropriate forums for the presentation of research by a registrar or trainee.